First Day Chalkboard




These designs are a fabulous way to record your child’s growth and school years and make a gorgeous photo prop. We do one for our kids each year and it goes in their photo album. It’s fun to look back on their heights, their favourite things and what they thought they wanted to do when they grew up.

Please note this is not an actual chalk board, it is designed to look like a chalkboard.

IF BUYING DIGITAL VERSION: For best results, I recommend you have this board printed at office works on Tyveck matt stock. You will need to allow time to print it as it usually cannot be printed while you wait.
They look great mounted on those cheap reject/dollar shop A4/A3 chalk boards. You can just blue tac them on and reuse the board the next year.

If you are placing your poster in a frame, it is recommend that for photos, that you remove the glass from the frame so that it does not add reflection in your photos. This also helps the poster look more chalkboard-like.


-Custom Options- when ordering prints, please provide a date you require the artwork in the ‘ANY OTHER INFO..’ box to allow time to print it. I will leave off whatever information will not fit on the board, so when listing information under each section, please put the most important ones first.

If you would like your artwork in a different size or colour please email me your request.